A new update channel, and a new browser extension!

To make it easier to keep up with improvements, this page will be updated whenever there's a change to Altair Vista or other tools to help drink from the firehose of Elite: Dangerous information.

If you came here from the activity page, you've probably already noticed today's big change: source names are now shown in front of titles for some sources. Sometimes you need a bit of context to know whether you care about a thread - for example, the "comments" thread for your favourite Kickstarter is probably more interesting than a forum thread with the same title. Let me know what you think in the Altair Vista thread or by private message.

You might also like the Forumite's Friend, a browser extension for Firefox, Chrome and Opera that rounds off some of the rough edges in the Frontier Forums. You can learn more about it in the Forumite's Friend thread.

"News" section disabled due to low use and high load

Because the site is struggling to cope with the traffic spike around the release of Beta 2, the "news" section will no longer be updated. The trackers and activity page should remain unaffected.

If you use the "news" section, please let me know in the Altair Vista thread or by private message. The section will most likely be removed from the site over the weekend.